Having A New Roof Installed? What To Expect

If you have decided to improve your home's curb appeal, you may have decided to have a new roof installed. If you have never had a roof installed on your home before, then you may have no idea as to what you should expect leading up to the day of the install, throughout the installation process, and after the roof has been installed. So, keep reading to learn what you should expect with your new roof installation.

The Week Leading Up to the Roof Installation

Leading up to the day of the roofing contractors coming to your home and actually beginning the installation process, the company may have a dumpster or two delivered to your home. The roofing company needs a dumpster to put the debris into when they tear off your old roof. A second dumpster may be needed if they plan on recycling the old shingles. A few days before the installation begins, the new shingles for your roof will arrive.

Make sure you find out when these deliveries will occur from your roofing contractor to ensure that you have a space cleared out in the driveway or yard. In addition, you will want to ensure that someone will be home.

The Day of the Roof Installation

If you have pets in the house or that stay outside the house, you should speak to the roofing contractors to find out if they need to remain locked up during the duration of the installation. If your pets don't like noise, it may be best for the pets to stay off-site until the project is complete.

You should also take down any valuables and pictures from the walls and shelves since there will be vibrations that could cause them to be knocked down or over and potentially damaged.

Talk to the contractors about whether they will cover up your shrubs and plants to keep debris from getting on them. If not, you may want to consider doing this yourself before the work begins. Make sure to unlock gates so that the contractors have access to your yard.

Completion of the Installation and Afterward

The roofing contractors will go over everything that has been completed with you and ensure that nothing was missed. They will also perform a thorough clean-up of the roof and yard to ensure all debris has been picked up. They will register your roof warranty, if necessary. Make sure to ask any questions regarding the warranty if you have any. Finally, the dumpster(s) will be picked up.

For more information, contact a new roofing installation company.