Five DIY Roof Mistakes To Avoid

Proper roof care is just as much about knowing what not to do as what to do. The following are five mistakes that can cause major roof damage.

1. Powerwashing

Moss, algae, and other grime can be unsightly on the roof, which may tempt you to try and clean it off. While moss and stains aren't particularly damaging to the roof, cleaning methods can cause damage. Although the majority of roof cleanings should be left to the professionals, powerwashing is one of the worst ways to clean a roof on your own. The high-pressure spray can dislodge shingles and even punch a hole in the roof. Even if outward damage doesn't occur, water can be forced beneath the shingles. 

2. Nailing Down Shingles

Loose shingles are a problem that can lead to leaks. Don't be tempted to try a DIY fix though. Although loose shingles can be fixed, trying to nail them down yourself is likely to result in a leak. Loose shingles have to be checked for damage and replaced if they are torn. The nails and roofing glue must also be placed correctly, otherwise, they will cause a leak even on a new shingle. 

3. Walking On the Roof

There really is no good reason to go up on the roof. Walking on the shingles dislodges the gravel coating on them, which weakens them and makes them more prone to leaking. If work is needed on the roof, call in a roofer. They have the knowledge and tools to safely complete work on the roof without causing anymore damage. 

4. Attaching Items

Great care must be taken when mounting any item to the roof. Whether it's something as simple as a satellite dish or a large item like a solar array, leave the installation to professionals that know how to safely mount the item. Even small items, like holiday lights, should never be attached with nails or screws as these could penetrate the roof and cause a leak. 

5. Trimming Trees

Trimming the trees around your house is a good idea, since falling branches and scraping twigs can cause roof damage. The issue is that trying to prune large branches yourself increases the risk that a branch will fall on your roof as you are trying to trim it away. If overhanging trees need to be pruned, bring in a professional to ensure that the roof isn't damaged in the process. 

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