The Unique Damage To Shake Roofs And Repairs That Are Going To Be Needed

If you have had a wood roof installed on your home, it is an attractive and durable material. However, one of the problems that you are going to have to deal with is wear. Sometimes, the damage to shake roofs can be a problem if you do not know what repairs your home needs. The following wood roof repair information will help you get the repairs you need to ensure your shakes last:

Natural Wear of Shake Materials

When you have shakes installed on your home, they are green and have not begun to dry and change. As wood roofing gets older and begins to dry, there are several problems you may have to deal with. One of the problems is the shakes curling and exposing your roof to leaks. They can also crack as they begin to dry can cure naturally. Shakes with these natural defects will need to be replaced to prevent problems with leaks and damage spreading.

Dealing with Shake Moisture Problems

One of the biggest problems with wood roofing is moisture that gets trapped beneath materials. Therefore, you may need to replace wood shakes that have begun to rot due to moisture. Keep your shakes clean to help prevent this problem and allow moisture to drain off the roof properly. In addition, you may want to install strips of moisture barrier beneath each row of shakes to help prevent these problems.

Fungus Issues with Wood Shake Roofing

If you get a lot of rain and have shade around your home, it can lead to moss and fungus growth on shakes that causes damage. Therefore, you want to do improvements that help prevent these problems. The first improvement is to make sure the canopies of trees near the roof are trimmed to allow sunlight through. In addition, add zinc strips and treatments to the roof to help inhibit moss growth, which can contribute to the deterioration of wood roofing materials.

Splitting Due to Nails and Installation Damage

Just like with asphalt shingles, nails and fasteners can cause serious damage to wood shakes. This often happens as the shakes begin to dry, and nails or other fasteners cause splitting. This is why it is important to nail the shakes properly when they are installed. If you have shakes that are splitting due to nails, they are going to need to be replaced before leaks start. When replacing these shakes, brackets can be used to avoid nails, or the nails can be placed where they will not cause splitting.

Inspecting your wood roofing and keeping it clean is important to ensure it lasts for years. Contact a roof repair service for more information.