Tile Roofing Advantages

The sun can be pretty intense, especially in certain climates, which can lead to the protective coating on the roof's asphalt shingles to deteriorate much quicker than it would in less intense climates. For this reason, if you need a roof replacement, you should consider all of your options in terms of roofing materials. Rather than choosing the exact same type of roofing material, you should consider upgrading to a different type of material like tile. Tile tends to be a better investment in the long-term, and here are a few tile roofing advantages that you should be aware of.

Energy Efficiency

Roofs tend to be rated based on their thermal resistance, and when it comes to clay tiles, they rate pretty high up, which means that they'll protect the home from absorbing pointless heat. If you choose to go with a lighter color, this can help with the reflection of UV rays from the sun. With the combination of these two factors, you will find that you won't need to run the air conditioner as often, which will help to reduce your monthly energy bill.


The tiles are not made from chemicals and are instead made from organic materials, which makes them more renewable than other forms of resources. In addition, tiles can be broken down and later recycled when they are removed from the roof, which makes them that much more eco-friendly. Because the majority of homeowners who choose clay tiles like the natural reddish color of the riles, the tiles do not need any artificial stains or paints for coloring. With concrete tiles, the pigment is added directly into the mixture during the formation of the materials.

Long-Term Performance

Regardless of whether you opt for clay or concrete tile roofing, it will hold up to hail and strong winds. These roofing materials are fire-resistant as well. Thanks to advancements in design technology, these tiles are able to shed water naturally and offer increased ventilation for the home's roof. Tiles are impervious to insect and rot damage, and they are able to last up to a century if they are maintained properly.

When your roof is in need of replacement, you need to take care of what type of material you choose to put on your roof. If you have any questions about roof replacement or tile roofing, get in touch with a roofing contractor in your local area and schedule an appointment. Contact local roofers in your area for more information.