Summer Is Coming: 4 Problems That Can Destroy Your Roof

Summer is almost here. Time to think about summer preparation. If you're like most people, your thoughts might go to things like lawn care or HVAC maintenance. But, summer preparation should extend beyond those two items. It should include your roof. You might not know this but summer can do considerable damage to your roof.

Triple-Digit Temperatures

When it comes to summer roof problems, heat is the first thing you need to worry about. As the sun beats down on your roof, it heats up the surface of your shingles. The heat causes a couple of problems to occur. The heat causes the roofing glue to loosen. When that happens, the shingles start to lift up from the plywood. Once the shingles loosen, the edges begin to curl. The curling creates spaces between the shingles and the plywood. The spaces allow water to soak through to your home. Prepare for the triple-digit temperatures this summer. Know how to repair the curls as they occur.

Hail Storms

When summer arrives, so do the hail storms. When you think of hail damage, broken windows may come to mind. That is an area of concern. But, it's not the only area of concern when hail storms come through. One good hail storm can destroy your roof. The force of the hail can put dents and holes in your roof. It can also tear your shingles or crack your tiles. You can't do anything to prevent hail from damaging your roof. But, you can conduct a thorough inspection of your roof each time a hail storm passes through your neighborhood this summer.

Wind Storms

High winds should be another area of concern for your roof. This is especially true if you have asphalt or composite shingles. If you haven't had your roof inspected in a few years, there could be loose or damaged areas. Those areas put your roof at risk for serious damage, especially during a windstorm. Avoid roof damage this summer. Have your roof inspected for damage before the first windstorm arrives.

Summer Bugs

Finally, you need to worry about summer pest activity. Pest problems don't only occur inside your home. They also occur on your roof. Unfortunately, pest activity can destroy your roof. It's not only the big pests, like birds and squirrels, you need to worry about either. Silverfish can chew away at your shingle adhesive. Protect your roof from pest damage by extending your pest control efforts to your roof.

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