Look For Signs That You May Need A New Roof

Shingle roofs cover most of the homes across the United States, and these shingles do need to be replaced. How often the replacement is needed will depend on many different factors. There are some sure signs that you should be contacting your residential roofing contractor as soon as possible, though. Keep reading to find out what these signs are.

Discoloration Across The Shingles

You should be contacting your roofing contractor for an inspection and a possible shingle replacement if you are seeing patches of discoloration across your roof. One common type of discoloration appears dark green or black and is caused by the algae Gloeocapsa magma. This kind of algae is prevalent across the United States, and it can cause shingle deterioration quite quickly. Deterioration occurs due to the way the algae holds on to water and exposes your shingles to this moisture. 

If you catch it early enough, the Gloeocapsa magma can be treated. So, contact your roofing contractor as soon as you notice dark roof patches. The contractor can assess the structure of the shingles to see if water damage is present. This may include an inspection of your attic and your rafters to locate fluid accumulation.

Sometimes your contractor will be able to use copper or zinc treatments to get rid of the algae. And, this may include the placement of a copper metal sheet on the roof ridge. However, if your contractor feels that the algae has penetrated too deep into the shingles, then shingle replacement will be scheduled.

Your Neighbors Are Getting Their Roofs Replaced

If you notice that your neighbors around you are getting their roofs replaced, then this may be a sign that you should also be contacting a roofing contractor. Many homes in a single neighborhood are constructed at the same time. This means that the roofs of these homes are all around the same age and may be reaching their maximum lifespan at the same time. 

Take a look at your records to see if you can find the date when your house was built or when the last roofing replacement was completed. If it has been 15 or 20 years, then you probably want to arrange for a roof replacement this season. If possible, speak with a business that is already working in your neighborhood. Roofers are sometimes booked for months on end during the warmer seasons, and the professionals may be able to squeeze you in with the other jobs being completed in your area.

Speak with a residential roofing contractor to find out if you should be investing in a new roof soon.