What Home Gutter Maintenance Should Include

Gutters are an essential part of any residential roofing system, especially in regions receiving plenty of rainfall throughout the year. As part of a home's water discharge system, they catch the rainwater that falls on your roof and directs it away from the foundation of the building. Gutters also help to collect rainwater for storage purposes.  

If you have rain gutters installed in your home, you should maintain them well to keep them in good condition. Read along to know what proper residential gutter maintenance should include. 

Gutter Inspection

Just like the rest of your roof and home, gutters require regular inspections throughout their lifespan. Regular gutter inspections help to identify problems that can cause extensive water damage to property and lead to pricey repairs if left unchecked and unresolved for a long time. 

During a gutter inspection, your roofer will look for signs of existing or impending problems. For example, standing water is a strong indicator of an inadequate gutter slope. On the other hand, excessive buildup of dirt and debris indicates that your gutters may develop blockages when it starts to rain.

While gutter inspections do not include performing the necessary repairs, they help you discover problems that require immediate action.

Gutter Cleaning

Even if you have gutter protection to keep dirt, debris, and pests out of your gutters, the gutters still require regular cleaning to keep the water flowing smoothly. Gutter cleaning keeps your gutters clear of foreign elements, preventing blockages that cause rainwater to damage your roof, walls, foundation, and other sections of your home.

Gutter Performance Testing

You should have your residential gutters tested for water flow and leaks, along with having them inspected and cleaned. Conducting on-site gutter tests helps find problems that may go unnoticed when relying on visual inspections alone.

Gutter Repairs

If the inspections and tests done on your gutters confirm that they have problems, you should perform the necessary repairs before it's too late.

Gutter problems don't self-repair. If left unaddressed, they tend to exacerbate over time, increasing the risk of expensive gutter repairs.

Keeping your residential gutters in good repair is essential for preventing property damage and avoiding costly repairs down the road. If you can't remember the last time you did maintenance on them, you should book a gutter maintenance appointment now.

Talk to a home gutter maintenance company, such as CB Gutter Cleaning, today to determine when they can come to your home to do maintenance on your gutters.