What Are The Subtle Signs Of Roof Damage? Top 4 List

Some roof issues are easy to spot through a simple inspection. Problems that may be visible to the naked eye include pooling water and leakages. However, some issues may not be obvious, and you could face difficulty identifying them. For this reason, you ought to learn all the signs of roof damage and call a professional roofing contractor to address them immediately. Read on to learn these signs. 

Whistling Sounds 

When you hear unexplained whistling sounds in your house, your roof could be behind it. This problem can result from an unnoticed roof opening that allows air to flow into your home. You may get attempted to check this problem without professional help. While this could save you some money, you may be unable to pinpoint the underlying cause of the unfamiliar noise. So the only solution in this situation is to hire a roofing expert to inspect your roofing system and unearth the cause of the sound.

Buckling Shingles

During an inspection, you can easily spot missing or damaged shingles. On the other hand, buckling shingles aren't easily noticeable and you will need to go up the roof to identify them. However, scaling the roof exposes you to the risk of injury. So it's best to leave this task to a roofing expert. Through routine inspections, they will notice buckling shingles early and rectify them before they grow into a worse problem.

Animals Running on the Roof

Many homeowners do not take animal-related roof damage seriously. However, you should treat this issue as an emergency that requires immediate professional attention. For instance, if you notice rodents rustling on the roof, there is a good chance they have found a hiding place on the rooftop. In that case, you should engage a roofing expert to check if there are open areas on the roofing material. Then, they will suggest a suitable avert a similar situation in the future.  

Black Spots

Unfortunately, many people ignore black spots on the roof's surface because they are the least obvious sign of damage. However, this is a red flag, and you should hire a roofing expert to fix it immediately. Overlooking this problem might create other problems such as leaks and mold.

Spotting roof damage can be daunting because some issues are not immediately obvious. But with the help of a roofing contractor, you can identify all the roofing issues early and address them in time. Therefore, investing in routine professional roof inspection is crucial.

Contact a local roofing contractor if you notice any of these signs.