Tips To Make Sure You Are Putting Down Your Asphalt Shingles Correctly

Asphalt is a popular material for new roof installation because it's affordable and relatively easy to put into place. But just because it's relatively easy doesn't mean it's going to be easy for you specifically, especially if you have no previous experience. If you are going to attempt to do your own roof installation by putting new asphalt shingles into place, here are some tips to help you stay safe, avoid leaks and make sure everything stays in place.

Safety: Work From One Side to the Other, Don't Go Back and Forth

When putting shingles down on a roof, start on one side, most people naturally choose the left and start at the bottom. You'll then work from left to right and from the bottom to the top. You will make sure every shingle or flashing section is completely secure and finished before you will move on to the next one. This will avoid a situation where you are walking back and forth across your roof, possibly even across unstable shingles. You want to limit the amount of movement you have to do across the roof and make sure you are always moving across the old roof you are replacing, not the shingles you just put down.

Leaks: Take Extra Care with the Flashing

The flashing is what prevents leaks from happening every time your roof comes to a valley or even to a seam in between shingles. Nailing the shingles into place is relatively easy, but the flashing may take extra care and precision. One mistake with flashing and you'll have an entry point for water not to mention any critters that want to try and squeeze into your home.

Use the Right Roofing Nails

When it's time to put the shingles into place, don't just pick any random nails. You want to go with nails that are corrosion resistant. Galvanized steel, for example, is a popular choice. You want the nails to be able to hold in place for years with no problems arising from inclement weather.

Get Professional Help

While it's admirable to try and take on a new housing project all by yourself, roof installation is one particular project where you might not want to go it alone. A roof that is installed correctly will last you for decades, but make a mistake during installation and you could be dealing with a headache for that same amount of time. Contact a local roofing expert today for more information.