Wood Shingle Alternatives For The Look Of Shakes With Modern Roofing Materials

The look of natural wood shakes a great way to add custom design details to your home, but there are problems with natural materials. Today, modern roofing materials offer you plenty of options to give your home the look of natural wood materials without the major headaches you get with wood shakes. The following roofing information will help you choose the best natural wood alternatives for the look of a shake roof:

Architectural 3D shingles with a shake profile

The most common wood shake alternative to give your home the look or profile of shake roofing is architectural shingles. These are 3D shingles that have tabs that create the profile and texture of shake roofing. The architectural shingles look similar to shakes and are a practical solution for asphalt shingle replacement. Usually, these are also premium roofing materials that also have a longer lifetime guarantee.

Metal shingles with a stamped shake pattern and woodgrain finish

Metal is another alternative that you will want to consider to create the look of shake roofing is metal shingles. Metal shingles are stamped products, which can have a woodgrain shake-style texture. In addition, modern powder-coating finish technology will give the roofing a finish that makes it look more like natural wood roofing materials. These metal shake roofing systems are great for homes and businesses in dry climates where the risk of fire is a concern.

Synthetic rubber-like roofing materials with the look of wood shakes

Recycled rubber and plastic waste is used for the manufacturing of many building products, including synthetic shake roofing systems. These are a green alternative to the natural shakes and will provide your home with durable roofing that often lasts longer than wood shakes and conventional asphalt shingle roofing.

Synthetic shake composites that look like real wood roofing materials

The composite lumbers and building products that are being developed today are more durable than ever. They are also great solutions for the roofing on your home to create the look of shakes. Today, composite shakes are a great choice to give your home a durable wood roof without the problems that come with wood materials. These synthetic composite shakes can give you the look of a natural wood roof with more durable materials that are resistant to rot, wear, and pest damage. 

The shake alternatives you have installed on your home will give your home a durable roof and the look of natural wood materials. Call a roofing service near you to start planning your shake roof with these wood alternatives.