Spanish Tile Roof Repair: Common Issues And How They Are Professionally Mended

Completely unique with its gorgeous, wavy appearance, Spanish tile roofing has been a popular form of roofing in a lot of locations for many years. This form of tile roofing is denser than asphalt, so it holds up well throughout the years, and it is perfectly capable of handling things like high temperatures and salty air, which makes it a logical option out west or for coastal homes.

If you live in a home with a clay tile roof, you can consider yourself one of the lucky ones as well because this form of roofing tends to have an excellent life span. However, there can be issues with Spanish tile roofing that have to be professionally mended from time to time. Here is a look at just a few of the common issues with Spanish tile roofing that can come up and how professionals handle these situations.

Problem: Some tiles are growing brittle and starting to deteriorate. 

It is rare for the entirety of a Spanish tile roof to start to grow brittle or break down all at one time. Instead, most homeowners will spot issues with specific sections of the roof or certain tiles. While the appearance of broken bits of tile from your gutter downspouts can be concerning, mending the problem is as straightforward as replacing the tiles that are deteriorating. This process usually doesn't take all that long and can extend the life span of your roof by many years. 

Problem: A large crack has developed through several tiles on the roof. 

In areas that are prone to earthquakes and ground instability, it is not uncommon for cracks to develop in the Spanish tile roofing system. Sometimes, you will see a crack develop through several of the tiles. While concerning, this crack can be mended in a few different ways. Some professionals will mend small cracks using specially formulated cement, but others may prefer to replace the damaged tiles. 

Problem: You have a leak coming from the roof. 

It is actually quite rare for Spanish tile roofing to develop a leak, but it can happen. Typically, the problem will be related to shifting tiles or damage to the substrate beneath the tiles, both of which are relatively easy to diagnose. If a water leak is happening because of an issue with the underlying substrate, a section of the tile may have to be removed to make the repairs.

For help with Spanish tile roof repair, contact a roofer in your area.