Can You Get Spray Foam Roofing For A Residential Property?

Spray foam roofing, which is often abbreviated to SPF for spray polyurethane foam roofing, is common atop a lot of commercial businesses. However, the majority of residential structures are outfitted with metal roofing panels, asphalt shingles, or some other type of material. Nevertheless, you can actually get SPF roofing installed on a residential roof. When you get familiar with this solid-unit roofing material, you may be a bit more interested in having it on your home. Here is a look at a few general questions about spray foam roofing that you may have along with the answers you should know. 

Is SPF roofing only installed on flat-roofed homes?

Even though SPF roofing is often found on flat roofs or roofs that do not boast a great slope, the material can be applied to pretty much any type of roof just the same, regardless of its slope or shape. If you have a home with a multi-pitch roof that has varying degrees of incline, SPF will work just fine. If you have a home that has only a gently sloped roof, SPF will work out well for this shape too. There really is no limitation as far as the slope or pitch of the roof go, even though that is a common misconception. 

Does SPF provide enough protection from the elements?

Spray foam roofing materials are incredibly resilient to the elements, whether you live in an area that gets a lot of high heat or an area that gets a lot of rain. The polyurethane foam membrane acts as a single protective layer for the roof, which means the roofing works really well to thwart rain, wind, and other atmospheric concerns. Another good thing to note is that SPF roofing works well as an insulative barrier for the roof, which cannot be said about a lot of traditional roofing materials. 

How long will SPF roofing last?

SPF roofing has the ability to last just as long as a lot of other roofing materials like asphalt shingles. It is not uncommon to find a residential roofing company that will offer you a decade-long warranty for your new roof after installation, and some may offer even longer than that. Because the foal is so resilient to the elements and does not get damaged by wind and hail like some roofing materials, it can actually serve some homeowners better because the roof needs so little maintenance. 

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