5 Water Damage Issues A Roofing Contractor Can Identify During An Annual Roofing Inspection

Many homeowners don't think to have their roofs checked for water damage until they experience a problem with leaks. However, by that time, the damage may have already been done. Water damage causes many problems, including mold, rot, and structural damage. A roofing contractor can help identify water damage during an annual roofing inspection and provide solutions to prevent further damage. Here are water damage risks a roofing contractor can identify during an inspection: [Read More]

Re-Roofing Your Home: Key Steps Involved in the Process

When your roof isn't in excellent condition, replacing it becomes the best option. That said, re-roofing is a complex task that only a professional installer should perform. This is important as it ensures you don't encounter any major issues with your roof down the road. If this is your first time replacing your roof, you may not be familiar with the steps involved. Here is what you should expect during the process. [Read More]

What Home Gutter Maintenance Should Include

Gutters are an essential part of any residential roofing system, especially in regions receiving plenty of rainfall throughout the year. As part of a home's water discharge system, they catch the rainwater that falls on your roof and directs it away from the foundation of the building. Gutters also help to collect rainwater for storage purposes.   If you have rain gutters installed in your home, you should maintain them well to keep them in good condition. [Read More]

What Are The Subtle Signs Of Roof Damage? Top 4 List

Some roof issues are easy to spot through a simple inspection. Problems that may be visible to the naked eye include pooling water and leakages. However, some issues may not be obvious, and you could face difficulty identifying them. For this reason, you ought to learn all the signs of roof damage and call a professional roofing contractor to address them immediately. Read on to learn these signs.  Whistling Sounds  [Read More]