How To Choose The Right Roofing Material For Your Commercial Building

Weighing up materials for your upcoming commercial roofing installation job? There are many different roofing material choices available on the market these days, and picking the right one will guarantee the highest possible returns on your investment. Here are a few criteria for choosing the best roofing material for your commercial building. Function The primary purpose of any roofing installation is to protect a building, its occupants, and contents from harsh weather conditions such as rain, sunlight, snow, hail, ice, wind, and many more. [Read More]

Avoiding Common Roofing Issues And Problems

Residential properties can have urgent roofing needs that will have to be met if the structure is to remain stable. Unfortunately, a lack of basic knowledge about residential roofing needs can impair your ability to effectively protect this part of the home by meeting routine maintenance and repair needs. Appreciate That Some Areas Of The Roof May Be More Vulnerable To Damage A homeowner may fail to be aware of the fact that their roof will have some areas that can be at a much greater risk of suffering damage than others. [Read More]

Five DIY Roof Mistakes To Avoid

Proper roof care is just as much about knowing what not to do as what to do. The following are five mistakes that can cause major roof damage. 1. Powerwashing Moss, algae, and other grime can be unsightly on the roof, which may tempt you to try and clean it off. While moss and stains aren't particularly damaging to the roof, cleaning methods can cause damage. Although the majority of roof cleanings should be left to the professionals, powerwashing is one of the worst ways to clean a roof on your own. [Read More]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing New Gutters

Gutters are essential to your home because they help to direct water away from your home and help save your home from water damage. When it comes to installing new gutters on your home, there are some classic mistakes you need to be sure to avoid. Mistake #1: Hanging the Gutters on the Edge of the Roof When it comes to installing your gutters, you don't want to put them on the edge of your home. [Read More]