Signs That Your Flashing Needs Repair

Flashings are an essential part of your roof that you might ignore till a problem arises. It is a thin metal layer that surrounds the chimney, vents, and other areas of the roof, preventing water from seeping beneath and damaging your interior. Since flashing is exposed to all types of weather, it can wear out and become damaged, requiring repair. 

Water Leaks

The most significant and alarming sign that your flashing needs to be repaired is a water leak. If you have noticed any water damage on your ceiling, walls, or floors, it could be due to a damaged flashing. Water leakage happens when the flashing becomes damaged, allowing water to seep into your home. It is best to call a roofing professional to evaluate and repair your roofing system to prevent further damage.


Rust is another sign that your flashing needs repair. When flashing starts to rust, it means it is aging and weak. If you observe any rust around your flashing, it is time to call a professional roofing contractor for replacement. Rust also encourages water to seep through, which can lead to mold, rot, and other types of damage.

Cracked Flashing

Cracks in your flashing typically occur due to continuous exposure to extreme weather conditions. Cracks in your flashing can allow water, debris, and other particles to enter your home. It is essential to keep an eye out for cracks in your flashing and address them as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Loose Flashing

Loose flashing can cause many problems, including water damage. If water enters under loose flashing, it can lead to extensive damage, such as mold and rot. It is essential to inspect your flashings regularly and have them re-secured as soon as they are noticed to prevent further damage.

Damaged Flashing Seals

Flashing seals typically keep out moisture and prevent leaks. Over time, the seals can become damaged or break down, causing damage to your interior. If you notice any water damage from your flashing, it's likely the seals need replacing. 

Your roof is one of the essential parts of your home, and it's important to ensure it's in good condition to prevent extensive damage to your interior. By monitoring and periodically inspecting your flashings for signs of wear and damage, you can avoid costly repairs in the future. If you notice any signs of damage to your flashing, it's best to call on a professional as soon as possible to evaluate the damage and provide the necessary repairs. 

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