5 Things To Expect From And Emergency Roofer

Roof damage is often an emergency, especially if the damage is severe enough to leave your home open to leaks and exposure. Storm damage, fallen trees, and even small fires can result in the need for emergency roof repair.

1. Same-Day Inspection

Emergency service should be able to send out a technician to perform the initial inspection and damage assessment on the same day you call. They will inspect both the exterior of the roof for damages, like missing shingles and punctures, as well as the underside of the roof for any hidden damages that weren't visible from the exterior. Afterward, the inspection repair plans can be made.

2. Insurance Claim Help

Roof damage is often covered under a homeowner's insurance policy, but claims must be submitted properly to have the repair covered. Your roofer is probably equipped to take necessary photographs and provide the needed documentation, as instructed by your claims adjuster. In this way,  you can smoothly fill the climate. Many roofers will work directly with the insurance company throughout the repair process, so all you need to do is call and make the initial claim.

3. Tarping or Patching

It's not always possible to make a permanent repair on the same day, especially if the weather is still bad or if materials must be ordered. That doesn't mean your roof will be left unprotected. Your emergency roofer will be able to either professionally tarp the damage so that it is protected from further moisture exposure, or they may put on temporary patches using plywood or something similar to cover large holes. 

4. Accurate Repair Quote

The same-day inspection will also come with a repair quote that will detail the final estimated cost of all repairs including any temporary patching work done. Although there can be changes once the work begins, a quality roofer will work to provide the most accurate quote possible so that you can budget for the repair work necessary.

5. Prompt Repair Schedule

Although permanent repairs may not be made right away, you should be provided with a timeline for when your repair can be scheduled and completed. Keep in mind, if there were heavy storms resulting in extensive damage throughout your area, it may take some time for your scheduled repair date to arrive. Calling in an emergency roofer as soon as possible after the damage occurs, increases the chances of a repair sooner rather than later.

Contact a 24-hour emergency roofing company if you need immediate assistance.