How To Protect And Restore Your Roof After A Fire

Some roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, are highly fire-resistant. However, regardless of the materials you use to construct your roof, they will eventually be damaged if your home has a fire. What you do after the fire is critical. 

Steps to Take After a Fire

Act quickly to protect your roof. The components of your roof that a fire could damage include the following:

  • Shingles
  • Roof decking
  • Trusses
  • Underlayment

In the worst-case scenario, your roof might collapse. However, even if it doesn't collapse, it will not be able to protect your home from rain, pests, or other issues. Contact a roof repair contractor immediately, and they'll implement emergency measures to defend your roof.

Make Sure Your Home Is Safe

Only remain in your home if you are sure it's safe to be inside. You may need to have your home inspected by a structural engineer. In extreme cases, your house might need to be condemned by local authorities.

Cover Up Your Roof

Cover your roof with a tarp to protect it from further damage. The tarp will keep rain and animals out of your home until you can perform more permanent repairs. Besides roofing contractors, you could also contact an emergency tarp service for help.

Clean Your Attic If You Can

Most likely, your attic contains debris. Your belongings in the attic were likely affected by the fire, but you can save them if you act quickly. However, when you are cleaning up your attic, make sure to wear a face mask to protect yourself.

Wait for the Roofers to Arrive

Professional roofers will assess the damage and determine if you can repair or replace your roof. If the contractors need to repair your roof, they will remove any damaged shingles and inspect the underlying structure to ensure it is in good condition. They will then install new shingles. If you're lucky, the original roofing manufacturer might have left shingles behind that you can use to replace existing shingles.

Consider Replacing Your Existing Roof With Metal

A roofing contractor might recommend replacing your roof with metal instead of a different material. If you live in an area prone to fires, a metal roof will take longer to melt and must burn at a very high temperature. However, if you like your existing roof, you can still choose to replace your roof with the same materials. A professional roofing contractor will explain the available options and lead you in the right direction.

Contact a local roofing service, such as Allcon Roofing, to learn more.