The Benefits Of Having Your Roof Insulated With Spray Foam

Roofs perform best when they are well insulated. Insulation helps prevent heat from escaping through the roof in the winter, and in doing so, it lowers your energy bills. In the summer, insulation prevents heat from traveling in through your roof, lowering your AC bills. But this begs the question: what kind of insulation should your roof have? In many cases, having spray foam insulation applied to your roof is a smart option. Here's why.

Spray foam is applied directly to the underside of the roof.

When people talk about insulating a roof, they often really mean insulating the attic. Fiberglass Insulation can be added to the attic floor. This does a good job of keeping heat from entering the top floor of your home, but it doesn't control the temperature of your attic as well. When you have spray foam insulation applied to your roof, it is sprayed onto the underside of the roof on the inside surface. This means heat won't get a chance to travel into your attic at all. You won't have to deal with cumbersome insulation on the floor of your attic, either.

Spray foam seals up any cracks and gaps.

Many older roofs, especially, have roof decks made from individual slats of wood. There are small gaps between these slats. Air and water can sometimes travel in through these slats, especially if the roof becomes damaged in any way and starts leaking. Spray foam, when applied to the underside of the roof, swells to fill and plug these gaps. In doing so, it prevents air and water leaks. When you insulate with spray foam, you or your roofer don't have to go through the extra step of using caulk or an adhesive to fill these gaps and cracks.

Spray foam does not attract rodents.

Have you ever had rodents in your attic? They love typical roof insulation since they can tear it apart and nest in it. They don't, however, love spray foam. It is rigid, so they cannot rip at it or burrow into it. Spray foam may not entirely keep rodents out of your attic, but it won't invite them in or give them a reason to stay, either.

Having your roof insulated with spray foam is often a good choice. Call a roofing company in your area, and ask if they offer this service. If they do, then you'll want to get a quote.