Three Winter Roof Issues

Winter brings more than just cold temperatures. It also brings weather conditions that have the potential to damage your roof or even cause injuries to you and your family. Homeowners need to keep an eye out for these problems, which could save the expense of having to repair their roofs. Here is a look at this important home maintenance issue. 


Condensation is a crucial matter for homeowners during the winter. The problem arises when the cold air coming into your house from the roof vents comes into contact with hot air in your attic. The result is condensation, a process that creates water droplets in various parts of your attic or crawl space, such as the rafters. The moisture can also infiltrate your wooden roof sheathing, which supports your roof's shingles.

Condensation may appear as stains or wet spots on the underside of the roof. It could easily look as if a leak is happening when no leak is present. The best way to prevent condensation is to make sure that your roof and the attic remain at approximately the same temperature. When you have adequate insulation that is properly installed in your attic, this is usually not a problem. If your insulation is not functioning at an optimal level, you might end up needing roof repairs unless you address the issue promptly.

Snow Weight

Winter brings snow to many parts of the country. Heavy snowfalls occur in some areas. The extra weight due to the snow on your roof can cause damage in some circumstances. Roofs have the ability to hold only a certain amount of weight. If the weight is too heavy, the roof could collapse.

If you believe that your roof is showing signs of being stressed from the weight of the snow that has fallen, such as cracks or bends in the rafters, you might want to have the snow removed. If you decide to do the job yourself, do not go up on the roof, as it's too dangerous. Stay safe on the ground and use a snow rake. Leave a thin layer of snow on the roof to avoid damaging the roofing material.


Another problem related to snow is snowslides. In some situations, particularly if you have a metal roof, a large amount of snow can fall and block the gutters, which can cause damage to the roofing material. Even worse, the falling snow could injure people or pets passing by. To avoid this possibility, remove large accumulations of snow with a snow rake.

Clearly, winter brings some special problems for homeowners. If one of these issues damages your roof, contact a residential roof repair contractor.