New Roof Cost Vs. Roof Repair Cost: A Guide For Homeowners

Homeowners having issues with their roofs have two main options: either repair the existing roof or have a new roof installed. Both options will involve certain costs, which might be substantial in some cases. As a rule, the cost of a new roof will be greater than making repairs to an existing roof. The following article examines this issue in more detail.

New Roof 

The average cost of a new roof as of July 2022 is $11,536, according to The website also advises that the actual cost ranges from $5,619 up to $22,000. The cost can vary considerably, depending on the specific circumstances of the installation. For instance, the type of roofing material that is used will be an important factor. Asphalt shingles are typically the cheapest option, while tiles, slate shingles, and copper roofs are more expensive.

The size of your roof is, of course, a factor as well, since a larger roof needs more materials and involves more labor. The roof pitch plays a role in the overall cost because a higher-pitched roof may need scaffolding or other extra safety measures. Your geographic location matters also. Some areas, such as Florida, require extra material to withstand hurricane-force winds. Labor costs in your area will be a consideration as well.

Repair Old Roof

As stated above, repairing your old roof will, of course, will almost always be less expensive than putting on a new roof. The average cost is about $1,000, according to This Old House. As with installing a new roof, however, the actual costs cover a wide range. The type of repair needed, the materials involved in the repair, the roof pitch, and roof features, all play a role in the final cost. The weather in your area and the age of the roof are also important. A key consideration is whether you need an emergency repair. If you have a giant hole in your roof, for example, and the repair must be done immediately to avoid damage to your home's interior, this will involve extra expense.

Although getting your repaired is generally less expensive than installing a new roof, it's not necessarily the best choice. For instance, if you have an older roof that is constantly in need of repairs, getting a new roof put on could be the better choice in the long run.

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