Benefits Of Replacing Your Commercial Roof With A Spray-On Roof

If it's time for your commercial roof to be replaced, then choosing the right roofing material is important. If you decide to go with a different type of roof than what you currently have, there are many options to choose from. However, a good option for your new commercial roof for you to consider is a spray-on roof. Here are some things you should be aware of when it comes to commercial spray on roofs and the benefits they bring.

Spray-on roofs are easy to apply

Something to consider as a business owner is how long you will be having roof work being tended to. The work that's being done on the roof can end up affecting your business. A spray-on roof is applied quickly and easily to the roof. The spray-on material is sprayed out of a device and onto the roof where it levels itself and coats the entire roof. Once applied, it will just need to dry, which it can do on its own over the next day. Getting a spray-on roof is also a much quieter process than other types, so phone work and other office work won't be interrupted while the roofing is being applied to the roof's surface. 

Spray-on roofs self-adhere to important areas

There are some parts of a commercial roof that tend to be the most bothersome when it comes to frequent repair concerns. The flashing is often a big area of concern. This is the sheet of metal that's fitted around areas like vents and chimneys to provide protection where the roofing material meets up with these areas. However, the flashing itself can end up with gaps or cracks that lead to leaks and need to be fixed. A major advantage to choosing a spray-on roof for your commercial building is that when the material is sprayed on the roof's surface, it spreads across the roof, adhering to everything. Therefore, it replaces the need for flashing and takes away that weakness. Also, the way the material spreads means there are no connections or seams that can end up creating weak areas and problems in the future. 

Spray-on roofs are energy-efficient

A spray-on roof will also give you a commercial roof that is energy-efficient. The material offers thermal, air, and moisture barriers that offer more insulation than many other types of roofs would. This will help you heat and cool the building for less throughout the year, while also keeping the temperature at a comfortable level for employees and customers.

For more information about commercial roof replacement, reach out to a local service.