How Can A Roofing Contractor Secure Your Home Against Hurricanes?

Are you concerned that hurricanes or other strong storms may cause damage to your home? Your first thought may be to call a window contractor to reinforce your windows. This is certainly a good idea, but you should also call a roofer. Here are a few things a roofer can do to reinforce your roof structure and help prevent hurricane damage.

Add Hurricane Straps

In standard home construction, the roof is anchored to the frame of the house with screws. This gives the roof enough strength to resist most storms, but not the really strong hurricanes. A roofer can add what's known as hurricane straps to the roof-wall connections. These straps secure the roof attachment and make it much less likely that the roof will blow off during a storm. Once one roof-wall connection is broken in a storm, the rest of the roof is left vulnerable. So, when you have hurricane straps added, you must make sure they are added to every connection.

Secure Roof Accessories

Most roofs have some type of accessories, such as sewer vents, flashing around vents, and the like. These accessories are not always as secure and strong as the rest of the actual roof structure. And once they are compromised, it is easier for water and wind to work their way under the rest of the roof. A roofing contractor can look over all your accessories, secure the ones that are at all loose or weak, and replace any accessories that are not up to current hurricane protection standards.

Add Roofing Cement

There is often a concern that a gust of wind will find its way under the edge of the roof material, and then lift it off the roof. This exposes the edges of other roof materials, allowing them to also get caught by the wind. To protect against this problem, a roofing contractor can add some roof cement along the key edges of your roof materials. This cement not only helps hold the materials to the roof but also helps block the wind from getting underneath those materials. Roofing cement is strong, waterproof, and affordable.

If you are worried about your roof's structural integrity in a hurricane or strong storm, call a roofer. They'll look over your current roof structure, decide which of these protocols are most useful, and get to work. A few changes can make your home more secure and safe.

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