4 Common Roof Issues You Might Have To Handle This Summer

Different seasons pose different challenges for the residential roof. Summer is when the heat reaches unbearable levels, increasing the chances that your home will suffer damage. As a homeowner, you should always know which issues to look out for if you want your roof to survive many summers and retain its efficiency. Here is a list of some common problems you may experience in the summer and the ideal maintenance or repair practices. 

Leaks from Excessive Moisture

The summer is among the wettest seasons of the year. The moisture comes from the afternoon storms, rain, and high humidity levels. Allowing the water to interact with a poorly serviced roofing material for an extended time eventually leads to leaks. When water starts getting inside your home, it leads to mold damage, peeling paint, and damage to your appliances and furniture. Have a repair expert check out any suspected leaks and seal them immediately. Consider replacement if the cause of leaks is a seam or flashing failure. 

Damages from Summer Storms

Storms are common in the summer and could be simple wind and rain, or a full-scale hailstorm or hurricane. Typically, the storm lifts some shingles or blows off entire roof parts. In this case, experts can offer inspections and repairs after the damage.

Damage from Moss and Algae

Be vigilant about the amount of damage caused by moss and algae. Moisture levels on the roof rise in the summer, increasing the chances of moss growth. Moss is spread through airborne spores and can attack a large surface area of your roof before you realize what is happening. Moss grows in a matt, which increases the possibility of your roof accumulating water. With time, the moisture pulled into the inner parts of the matt will get under the shingles, which leads to moisture damage on your roof. 

Pests and Rodents on the Roof

Summer is also the time of the year when your roof will attract the highest number of pests. These might include mosquitoes, mice, bats, bees, and hornets. Pests only access your roof when it has broken down from other damages. You should get a roof inspection before the summer starts and ensure you have no openings through which rodents can enter and cause damage. 

The best way to handle summer weather and its effect on your roof is by having a professional handle it. Speak to a residential roofing contractor such as Kerry Roofing & Masonry for timely repairs.