Inspecting Your Commercial Roof And Making Repairs Quickly

If you own a commercial building, maintaining the building is essential and since many commercial buildings have flat roofs, keeping the roof in good shape is critical. Regular inspection of the roof is necessary to ensure that any damage is found and repaired right away. Working with a commercial roofing company to maintain your roof is often the best solution.

Inspecting the Roof

Roof inspections are important for any building, but a commercial structure with a flat roof can be more prone to damage or leaking, so finding any damage before a leak starts is important. A commercial roofing company can inspect the roof for you and let you know if there is any damage to the roofing material. 

Most commercial flat roofs use a rubber membrane on the roof, and if something sharp hits the roof, it can poke a hole in the membrane and cause a leak. Tree branches falling on the roof, workers dropping sharp tools, and general wear can open up holes in the rubber roofing. 

Repairing Your Roof

The rubber membrane used on commercial roofs is relatively easy to repair. A commercial roofing company can cut out the damaged section of the roofing material and replace it with a new piece. The patch is cut oversized, and the edges are sealed with a special sealant that causes the base material and the patch to bond to each other. It is very uncommon for these repairs to leak after the sealant cures. 

If the damaged area is larger, the roofer can replace entire sections of the roof at once. This is very common, and the commercial roofing contractor can help you determine what needs replacing before the job starts. The roofing material being replaced can be cut off the main roof and then removed in one large piece. 

The roofer can install a new piece of rubber membrane to replace the section of the roofing that they removed and then use a vulcanizing sealant to join the new material to the original roof. 

Replacing The Roof

If you have substantial damage to the roof of your building, a commercial roofer can replace the roof entirely for you using the same basic methods. Often when the entire roof is replaced, the rubber membrane is laid down to create the fewest amount of seams possible and, if the roof is small enough, it can be done with a single large sheet of rubber membrane. 

Check with a local commercial roofing company to determine the best course of action for your roof and set up regular roof inspections once the repairs are done.