Can You Tell It Is Time For A Roof Repair Or Replacement? 3 Simple Signs

Roof damage is rarely something that dramatically happens overnight. In most cases, the damage takes months and sometimes even years. As such, it can be hard to keep following up on the roof's condition to ensure that it is not damaged. It is only cases like storm and hurricane damage that happen overnight and are easy to notice. Fortunately, when your roof starts suffering regular wear and tear, it will start giving off certain signs of damage. 

The extent of the damage helps you determine whether to repair the roof. Here are three common indicators that your roof is damaged and needs repairs. 

When the Roof Has Mold and Other Fungi

You will know that your roof has mold when the homeowner's association requests that you clean it. Often, they will ask you to have a professional pressure-clean the roof to remove the black stains around the tiles. While cleaning will remove the mold in the short term, it does not completely solve the problem. You should call a roof installation professional to inspect the extent of the damage caused by mold and mildew.

If they feel that the damage is extensive, they will recommend repairing the roof by replacing the affected tiles. 

When the Home Is Old

Tiled roofs typically last for decades without the need to be replaced. However, weather conditions and the quality of the maintenance services can interfere with the length of service your roofing material gives you. If your home is more than a decade old, or you bought a home that had been occupied for more than ten years before you got in, consider the possibility that the tiles might be old. 

An old roof is an expense because it will lead to water damage through leaks and poor energy efficiency through heat loss. Quality roof repair restores its function.

When You Have Cracked and Chipped Tiles

The other way to tell that your roof is damaged and needs repairs are cracked and chipped tiles. Roof tiles are resilient, and they can handle snow, strong winds, and many other types of damage. However, they also wear down with time.

When the tiles start chipping and cracking, it is time for repairs. Your roof will get a new and fresh look when you repair the cracked and damaged tiles. 

Getting a roofing expert to assess your roof condition and determine whether you need to repair the tiles. Roof repair improves the home value, curb appeal, safety, and durability.

Contact a local roofing contractor to learn more about the signs of roof damage.