Replace Your Composition Roofing System If You Notice These Three Things

When was the last time you took a moment to look at your roof? Although it is unsafe and not recommended for homeowners to climb on top of their rooftops to inspect their roofs, certain types of damage can be evident from the ground level. Do not dismiss a missing shingle or other seemingly minor damage as being unimportant. Every single part of your roofing system has a purpose. Damaged portions make the whole roof susceptible to damage that can lead to a need for a premature roof replacement. The following points represent some telltale signs that you should be able to identify without ever climbing up a ladder. 

Gritty Gutters

Perhaps you have noticed a gritty material in your gutter downspouts that looks like asphalt granules. Your assertion is likely correct. Damaged asphalt roofing will lose granules, and the granules will drain through gutters with precipitation. Granules are a protective barrier on shingles. When they have washed away, the shingles are no longer protected. In the summer months, you can expect the shingles to "bake." In the winter months, there is a risk of moisture intrusion from melting precipitation.

Changes in Shingle Form

Good shingles will have a flat, uniform appearance. When shingles buckle, curl, or otherwise lose their uniform appearance, it is a sign that a new roofing system is needed. There is no way to reverse the damage and make the damaged shingles flat again. If this phenomenon happens before the end of a roofing system lifespan, it is important to determine what caused the premature failure. This will reduce the chances of the same thing happening with the new roof installation. Routine roofing inspections are the best way to detect problems before they turn into advanced damage. Inspections are also integral to protecting warranty interests.

Moss and Rot

If you notice moss growing on your roof, it has most likely been compromised by moisture. This type of sign of moisture intrusion means that the damage is advanced. There might also be other signs of damage, such as rotting roofing materials. Roof rot should be taken seriously because it can lead to leaks and unsafe conditions such as the roof caving in.

A roofing contractor is a good resource to use to understand more about the importance of prompt roof repairs. They can explain how getting routine roof inspections and timely repairs can extend the lifespan of your new roof. If you want to compare roofing materials, they can help you find the best material for your home based on your preferences, budget, and expectations.

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