Roof Replacement Options to Upgrade Your Home With More a More Durable Design

Replacing your shingles is an investment in home maintenance that you are eventually going to have to make. When it comes to replacing your roofing, you want to consider improvements that give it a more durable design. The following roofing replacement options will help give your home a more durable design:

Removing the Old Materials to Start New

Tearing off the old shingles is the first step in the roof replacement process. When tearing off the shingles, there are several things that you want to consider. There are also options to upgrade the sheathing and structure beneath shingles. Options that you may want to consider for the roof of your home include:

  • Improving the watershed with minor structural features
  • Installing a thin layer of energy-efficient sheathing
  • Reinforcing the areas of your roof that are vulnerable to damage

The right improvements to the roof structure and decking will make your roof more durable and efficient. Installing a thin layer of decking over existing materials will give you a clean surface for new shingles and improve your home's energy efficiency.

Installing Durable and Efficient Underlayments

There are many options for durable underlayments that can be installed beneath the shingles. These moisture barriers are specially developed for roofs to improve durability and efficiency. Depending on the area, you may want to use one type of underlayment or another. Some of the options for the energy-efficient underlayments include:

  • Rubber-like membrane reinforcements
  • Asphalt-based breathable moisture barriers(Asphalt paper)
  • Synthetic housewrap-like materials designed for roofs

The synthetic moisture barrier underlayments also protect against leaks. This can be great for areas of your roof that are vulnerable to damage, such as valleys where slopes meet. Using these materials to add an extra layer of reinforcement at the eaves of your roof will also prevent winter damage.

Upgrading the Shingles With Modern Roofing Materials

The shingles can also be updated with modern materials, which include things like synthetic tiles. There are many shingle alternatives to consider for your roof replacement project, including:

  • Composite shingles made from recycled waste
  • Durable synthetic tile materials
  • Metal standing seam and stamped shingle materials
  • Wood shake and shingle roofing materials

The options like metal or synthetic tile can help make your home more resistant to fire. You want to choose the ideal roofing materials to use for the climate where you live.

The right improvements and materials will make your new roof design durable. Contact a roof replacement service to talk to them about these solutions.