A Few Things You Might Want To Know About Re-Roofing Your Asphalt Shingle Roof

When dealing with an older roof, many people immediately think about having their entire roof removed and replaced. There is another option that many homeowners don't really know about, however: re-roofing. Basically, re-roofing refers to installing new shingles on top of your existing shingles. If you don't know much about this roofing option, these are a few things that you might want to know about it.

There Might Be Regulations That You Need to Know About

Many people don't realize it, but it's often necessary to get a permit before installing a new roof or before doing major changes to your existing roof. In many areas, there are restrictions and regulations in place about re-roofing. For example, you might be allowed to re-roof your roof once, but you might not be allowed to add a third layer of shingles later. You may want to look into the permit restrictions and regulations in your area in regards to re-roofing before you take any further action. Luckily, though, not only should you be able to get more information about this from your local building code office, but your roofing contractor should know a little something about it as well.

You'll Need to Hire a Good Roofing Contractor

You might assume that the job of simply installing more shingles on top of your existing roof will be pretty simple, but this doesn't mean that you should try to do it yourself or that you should hire someone who isn't really qualified for the job. For one thing, you will need to hire a professional who can do a good and thorough job of ensuring that your roof is in overall good condition before opting for re-roofing. After all, re-roofing is typically only a good option if the structural components of your roof are in good shape but your shingles are worn out. Additionally, ensuring that re-roofing is done properly is also important if you want it to hold up as well as possible.

It Might Be the Better Option for You

If you are wondering why you might want to opt for re-roofing instead of a total roof replacement, you should know that there are a few reasons why this might be the best choice for you. For one thing, it's typically much more affordable. Additionally, if you are hoping to take care of your roof as quickly as possible, you are sure to find that this is the faster option.

Reach out to a re-roofing company to learn more.