Breaking Down The Options For Commercial Roofing When Your Business Needs A New Roof

Commercial roofs eventually need to be replaced, just like the roof on your home. When it is time to replace a roof, you will also want to invest in improvements. Today, there are many options available to improve your commercial roof. These improvements can be better drainage, more durable materials, or energy design solutions for buildings. What commercial roofing improvements are you going to invest in for your business?

Installing lightweight commercial roofing to reduce costs

The lightweight commercial roofing can be a great improvement for your business. The lightweight roof can be asphalt alternatives that include:

  • Lightweight rubber-like roof membrane systems
  • Affordable bitumen roofing for flat roofs
  • Spray foam insulation and spray sealants for durability and efficiency

These options are durable, cost-effective solutions if you want to replace old commercial asphalt roofing with lightweight materials. The lighter roofs cost less to maintain and repair if you have a problem with leaks.

Energy improvements and renewables to add to commercial roofing

You want the new roofing that is installed on your business to be more efficient. The energy design of a commercial roof can be improved with renewable energy and modern materials. Some of the energy options that you will want to consider for the roof of your business include:

  • Lighter-colored roofing for a cool roof design
  • Foam roofs or spray insulation improvements
  • Renewable energy with solar roofing membranes
  • Solar thermal collectors installed in the roof structure

The energy improvements that you have done during your roof replacement will help reduce your operating costs. Ask about using roofing materials that improve the roof's thermal barrier or provide your business with renewable energy.

Improvements to drainage systems on commercial buildings

The drainage systems are another area where you will want to invest in improvements for your commercial roof. First, you want to consider the watershed and improve the roof slopes to easily flow off the roof. You may also want to update roof drains and the grates, which are often areas where problems with wear and leaks start. Also, ask the roofer about reinforcing the roofing near drain grates to prevent leaks and damage to your business.

When you invest in a commercial roof for your business, you are going to want to have the right improvements done. Call a commercial roofing service in your area and ask them about these solutions for your business when you need a new roof.