Four Steps To Preparing Your Roof During Fall For Winter

Roof maintenance is important year-round, but it may be more important during the fall. The reason for this is that the maintenance tasks that you perform during the autumn season will do wonders at protecting your roof and home from the elements during the upcoming winter season. In the event that your roof has suffered some damage throughout the summer and needs to undergo repair, now is the perfect time to get it done. Here are a few things you should do now to ensure your roof is not only ready for winter but has a long life ahead.

Trim Your Trees

As the leaves start falling, you will notice that the branches are possibly closer to your home than you realized. These branches need to be trimmed back now so that they aren't a risk to your roof later. If you perform this task earlier enough in the fall, you may even be able to minimize the leaves clogging up your gutters!

Clean Your Gutters

Speaking of your gutters, it is imperative that you have clean gutters so that water continues to flow properly off the roof. If you have clogged gutters, the water will simply slash right back up onto the roof, potentially causing mold, cracking, and a variety of other types of damage down the road. Ideally, you should attempt to clean the guttering system prior to the leaves falling and then also keep a close eye on the state of the gutters throughout the fall season.

Install Gutter Guards

Many homeowners do not install gutter guards because they don't realize just how affordable they are. These devices can significantly minimize the amount of time that you spend cleaning, as the guards are placed over the gutters to keep leaves, twigs, and other debris from getting inside and clogging them up. Water is still able to get through the guards because of small holes, but large pieces of debris will fall off or blow away. With gutter guards installed, your cleaning time is drastically reduced.

Schedule a Fall Roof Inspection

Before winter arrives in full force, you should have a roofing professional take a close look at your roof so that any issues can be taken care of now. It is easier for a problem to be repaired in the fall than in the winter when there is ice or snow buildup. Plus, if you procrastinate, the problem could worsen. Start the winter off with a strong, durable roof.

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