3 Things to Know When Preparing to Have Roof Work Done

If you think you need some work done on your roof, here's some information that may help you mentally prepare for setting up and following through on that.

Know Some Terms

Every profession has a dialect that goes with it, it seems.  Learning some terminology can help you feel you have a better understanding of the situation. Here are a few terms to get you started.

  • Reroof: the process of placing a layer of new asphalt shingles over an older layer. This can upgrade the look and protect a roof that is aging but still in otherwise good shape. It is often cheaper than having a new roof installed, though it does have a few downsides.
  • Decking: this is the wooden layer at the bottom of the roof, it's the base that everything gets laid on top of. It is sometimes referred to as sheathing.
  • Underlayment: this layer helps protect the decking against the elements, and goes directly on top of the decking
  • Flashing: typically made of sheet metal, though it can be other materials, flashing is used to weatherproof certain areas of the roof that may be prone to leaking. It's fairly commonly used around chimneys, among other places.

Plans and Timelines Can Shift

What looked like a simple repair may expand into a larger project, for example. Damage to the decking is difficult to detect without being able to see the decking, which means that the roofers may only discover the damage while work is already underway. Delays can also happen. Sometimes it's due to waiting on supplies, but in many cases, it's because the weather shifted. There's a lot of weather in which it is, frankly, dangerous to be doing any kind of work on a roof.

The best way to handle these types of situations is to go into it mentally prepared. Knowing that things may change can help you a lot when it comes to adapting to the change.

You May Want to Step Out

In general, unless your roofers tell you otherwise, you can stay in the house while the work is going on. Whether or not you want to may depend on how good you are at staying focused with a lot of extraneous noise. People are going to be walking around on your roof, which is probably not a noise that you typically deal with. Additionally, a lot of people in the country are currently working from home and doing a lot of internet-based conference calls. Having someone thump around during a business meeting may be disruptive. On the other hand, it may not! You may not be worried about it at all! It is something you should also talk to other members of your household about, though. Even if you have no problem focusing, you may have a spouse and children at home who will struggle.

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