Reasons Why A Replacement Is Better Than An Overshingle Roof

If your roof is showing some of the telltale signs of age, then you should speak to a professional roofer about replacement options. And, replacements are the best choice when the existing roof is torn off first. There are a few reasons for this so keep reading to learn what they are.

An Increase In Weight

Most residential homes have two layers of asphalt shingles. The shingles offer exception protection, but there should only ever be two layers of the material. If you add another layer on top, this means that three layers are installed which can leave your roof with a weight problem.

When weight increases on the top of the roof, the deck can actually start to bow inward. This can lead to cracks, open seams between boards, and nail movement. All of these things can cause leaks. And, the weight can bear down on the rest of the home to cause ceiling and wall cracks.

If the roof is piled with snow, then the excess can lead to a collapsing issue. And, while this may not be something that happens right away, the roof will weaken over time as snow and ice continue to pile on the roof each winter.

The weight of the roof itself is called the dead weight and your roofing contractor can tell you what this weight should be to maintain a safe and solid structure on your home after the roof replacement.

Increased Irregularities

Roofs are not pitched perfectly and oftentimes there will be high and low spots across the roof. Other areas that are imperfect include ones that are fitted with flashing and other types of protrusions. And, while a single or double shingle roof may not elevate or sink the imperfections to the point that they cause a concern, this is something that can happen when another layer of shingles is added.

The issue is called telegraphing, and it can create an uneven surface that allows for water pooling, ice formations, and poor drainage. Over time, all of these things can lead to leaks and general roof degradation. Essentially, you will be setting yourself up for a roofing replacement sooner than later.

To help reduce irregularities, bumps, dips, waves, and other problems, make sure that your roofers replace flashing, rubber pipe fittings, and other accessories at the time of the roof replacement.

If you want to know about methods of residential roof replacement, speak with a roofing professional.