4 Subtle Issues You Really Should Have Your Roof Company Address

Most homeowners do not think to call their roofing company until there are shingles on the ground or rain is pouring in through the roof. Indeed, these are issues your roofing company can and will fix. But did you know you can save yourself some headaches (and maybe also some money) by calling your roofing company earlier, at the first subtle signs of roof trouble? Here are some problems you should have your roof company come address.

Peeling Flashing

Flashing, which is the metal that surrounds chimneys and vents and is often placed in roof valleys, is there to prevent leaks. It can't really do that if it is peeling away from the roof or coming undone. If you call the roofing company when it first starts peeling or showing signs of damage, they may be able to just caulk it or rivet it back into place. If you wait longer, however, they may have to entirely remove it, repair any water damage beneath, and then install new flashing. That's a lot more work!

Chipping or Cracking Shingles

So often, homeowners see a few chipped or cracked shingles and figure that it they're still in place, nothing needs to be done quite yet. But these shingles are almost certain to come off during a big storm or if a tree branch sweeps across them. Have them replaced now while they are still marginally doing their job, rather than waiting until you have a leak to fix.

Sagging Gutters

Most roofing companies deal with gutters too, since they are technically part of the roofing system. If your gutters are sagging, this is a problem to have addressed. Sure, they might still be letting water run through right now, but you're going to be in trouble when winter hits and ice freezes in the saggy spot, keeping water from running through. The gutter may not need to be replaced — just pounded back into shape and remounted.

A Really Hot Attic

This might sound like a strange reason to call your roofing company, but attics that get really hot cause roofing damage. Usually, when an attic is too hot, it's because the roof does not have enough vents. The roofing company can easily come add a couple more vents, which will keep the attic a more comfortable temperature and prevent issues related to heat damage.

The moral of the story is to not wait too long to call a roofer for roof repair. If you notice these subtle signs, act quickly.