Looking To Save Money When Having A New Roof Installed? Four Questions You Should Ask A Contractor That May Save You Money

Having a new roof installed on your home can cost thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, this is not something that everyone can fit into their budget. If a roofer has recommended that you have your roof replaced, here are four questions that you should ask which may help you to save money. 

Is a New Roof Really Needed? 

If a company recommends a new roof to you, you should ask them if a new roof is really needed. In some cases, they may recommend a new roof to you based on your roof's age and its condition. However, if money is tight, repairs may be made that may help you to get another year or two out of your roof. Ask if there's any way to extend the life of your roof. 

Can New Roofing Materials Be Laid Over Existing Roofing Materials? 

If there is no way to extend the life of your roof, ask if re-roofing or retrofitting is an option for your roof. Depending on the materials on your roof, you may be able to add a new layer of roofing to your roof without removing the existing layer of roofing materials. Removing the existing layer of roofing materials adds to the labor costs, so being able to keep them in place can help you to save money on your new roof installation costs. 

Are There Certain Times of Year When Roof Installation May Be Cheaper? 

Another question that you may want to ask if you need a new roof installed is if there are certain times of year when roof installation may be cheaper. Some companies are slow in the summer months, so roof installation may be cheaper then. If your roof can wait a few months, this may help you to save some money. 

Do You Offer Any In-House Financing or Incentives? 

The last question you should ask if you are in need of new roof installation is if the roofing company offers any in-house financing or incentives. Finding a company that offers financing and/or incentives may help make a new roof more affordable for you. 

The best way to determine if you need a new roof installed is to have your roof inspected by a professional. If they do recommend having your roof replaced, always ask them if re-roofing or retrofitting are options, if certain times of the year may be cheaper when it comes to installation costs, and what, if any, in-house financing or incentives the company offers. Asking these questions may help you fit a new roof into your budget. Contact a roof installation company today to get started.