What You Need To Know About Slate Roofs

Slate is one roofing material that has been used all over the world. It comes in many different forms and styles. You can find clean, modern slate tiles and you can also find rough, rustic-looking slate tiles. There are also a number of composite slate products that are becoming more and more popular. Slate is a material that naturally lends itself to roofing because it lasts so long and the dark grey coloring can beautify any building. Slate not only comes in a range of styles, but you can also find slate products rated to work in pretty much any climate. This also means that slate comes in a wide range of prices to fit pretty much any budget. Before you decide to invest in a slate roof, you need to consider a few things.

The Weight of Slate

First of all, it is important to point out that slate is heavy. The natural weight of slate makes it perfect for roofing. It helps to keep the tiles secure to your roof, meaning leaks are less likely. But, the weight can be an issue when it comes to installing slate on an old home. This is because you would need to have an engineer assess your roof to make sure it could handle the extra weight. If your roof does need to be retrofitted with extra support to handle this weight, the overall cost of your roofing project could skyrocket beyond your planned budget.

The Lifespan of Slate

One of the main reasons for slate's popularity when it comes to roofing is its longevity.  A slate roof can last well over 100 years. And you don't need to spend a bunch of time or money maintain it during this time period. It really is one of the cheapest and easiest products to own.

The Composite Question

There are now also a lot of slate composite materials on the market. Composite slate products are made to look like real slate, except they are lighter and cheaper. So, they are great for people on a budget, but it is doubtful that a composite product will ever be able to last as long as the real thing. Many people will tell you that composite products just don't look quite as good as the real thing. But, if you need a cheaper option, you can probably find an affordable and long-lasting slate tile for your roof.

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